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Running your own business should mean going after the dreams – working on the ideas and projects that you believe in and enjoying your life. But how to stay centred on what matters when there’s so much to do?

That’s where I come in!

Virtual Support To Help Your Business

Here’s how….

Bravapro | Virtual Assistant, Swindon | Automation & Data

Operational & Office Management

Bravapro | Virtual Assistant, Swindon | Business & Project management

Business & Project Management

Bravapro | Virtual Business Manager & Virtual Assistant - Wiltshire

Social Media & Marketing

Bravapro | Virtual Assistant, Swindon | Automation & Data

Automation, Systems & Data

I can help take the pressure off….Saving

Save Your Time | Bravapro | Virtual Business Manager

You Time

By taking ownership of your ‘back-office function’ and completing the daily tasks needed to run a successful business, I remove the distractions that prevent you from focusing on your goals.

Save Your Money | Bravapro | Virtual Business Manager

You Money

I provide a cost-effective alternative to employing an in-house manager. With no taxes, NI, holiday, sickness or equipment costs to pay, I offer expert support – when you need it.

Save Your Sanity | Bravapro | Virtual Business Manager

And Your Sanity

As an experienced Business Manager, I am your right-hand person. The ideal resource to manage your projects, organise your systems, and create order out of chaos.

Bravapro | Swindon Virtual Assistant | Virtual Executive Services

About Bravapro

Hi, I’m Joanne, the owner of Bravapro. I am is based in Swindon, Wiltshire and whilst I can work with clients from all over the world, I am passionate about supporting the local business community.

With over 20 years of experience in corporate management and office environments, I have strong business acumen and commercial mindset. I am your trusted ‘right-hand person’, the person you can turn to and say ‘can you just…’ and know it will be done.

My services go beyond the task-based support typically provided by Virtual Assistants. Instead, I proactively manage your operational and office function. Providing your business with the right structure, systems and support to successfully grow.


Luke - Swindon Tuition Centre

I’ve been working with Joanne with the focus of tightening up and streamlining our current admin set up as we plan to scale up the business. She has been a great communicator and very approachable to all members of the team. All emails are responded thoroughly and promptly. She is also very strategic, having the relevant experience to oversee how we could work more economically and giving graphics, new admin tools, and tutorials to highlight processes and help visualise what we’re looking to do.

Michelle - Mind Harmony

I’ve recently acquired the services of Bravapro to help with streamlining my business admin, social media production and generally taking pressure off me where she can.

I’m a super organised person but Joanne is helping me take it to a whole new level! Thank You!

Yolande - Peak – Ryzex

Joanne is the one I would choose for my team hands down, time after time. She is incredibly reliable and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She is the one who will take on the task that others shy away from and nail it completely – with style and modesty. Joanne understands the value of proactivity and simply delivers the goods – time after time.

Kiki - Kiki Kirby Coaching

We love using Bravapro, (Jo) for support with report writing, processes with our documents and collating information. She has helped us massively in our coaching and consultancy business with formatting information in a way that is professional, clear and concise. I love working with Jo she is extremely professional, creative and her approach is so simple. Very often our deadlines require things to be turned around quickly and Jo makes it always happen. THANK YOU.. Highly recommend

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