How do you measure how happy you are, both personally and in business? Is it based on material possessions – (hopefully not) – or is it based on a combination of stability, the spiritual and relationships?

We work for a reason, even though it seems to occupy the lion’s share of our life. We are working to provide resources to enable us to enjoy life. This enjoyment may well include helping others, charitable contributions and altruistic endeavours, but we nevertheless operate our businesses for specific reasons.

Have you ever thought about this question recently? Because in truth, many of us don’t sit down and take a deep breath, to look at our lives from a more holistic perspective? If you’ve asked yourself this question already, consider these additional four questions to ask yourself about your happiness.

4 Key Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine How Happy You Are In Business

When was the last time that you took your spouse or significant other on a long weekend getaway?

This kind of activity is so vital in helping to recharge and rejuvenate, not just for you but for your partner or spouse as well. When you’re in the same place, week in and week out you tend to get a little burned out and need a change of scenery occasionally.


When was the last time that you enjoyed a quiet weekend at home without taking work home with you? 

Admit it, you have a desk and chair in your home office and probably a pile of paperwork in the corner. As we can access a lot of our software programs through “the cloud” these days, you probably find that you log on from your home office computer, as well.


When was the last time that you were able to accept an invitation to take part in a charity event or volunteered to help others?

You probably can’t remember the last time you took part in something to support a good cause; there are always so many other things to do. Aside from helping those less fortunate than yourself, these type of events can be useful for de-stressing and re-centring, plus are often great networking opportunities, too.


When was the last time that you landed a sizeable, new contract at work, based on a specific and new initiative?

Are you relying too much on existing clients, sometimes known as the “all your eggs in one basket” syndrome? You may feel as if you’re just too busy dealing with everything that’s on your plate to even think about expanding in different directions.

As you can see, when you look at everything from a broader perspective, you may realise that life is not incredibly fulfilling right now. Surely it’s time to delegate and outsource with a virtual resource, to free up a considerable portion of your time. 

When you outsource, it’s incredible how life will change for you. You will be able to spend more time with your family, keep the work in its rightful place, spend important time expanding and stop “running in place.” You might even be able to accept that odd invitation to the golf course, of all things!

Take the leap and be happy in business and in your life!


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