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Why Consistent Posting On Social Media Is Important

Why Consistent Posting On Social Media Is Important

A vital part of social media marketing is consistent posting. Being consistent with your content, tone of voice, and the message keeps your posts relevant and authentic. This, in turn, will keep your potential clients engaged!

Additionally having a consistent aesthetic to your posts not only makes your brand more recognizable, but it also makes you more memorable.

Ensuring you’re publishing social media posts consistently is very important. It means your brand is always front and centre in the eyes of your customers. If you go weeks between posts, your audience simply won’t see your material enough to be memorable when making their buying decision.

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However, consistent posting on social media can be even more of a challenge than it sounds. This is especially true if you’re a small business owner and already juggling many tasks within your business. Or if you are not creative, it takes you a lot of time to put the content together.

If you are struggling to maintain consistent posting on social media then outsourcing could be the way forward.

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5 Fantastic Ways To Improve Your Lead Generation

5 Fantastic Ways To Improve Your Lead Generation

Generating profitable business leads is time-consuming work. From collecting data to verifying contact information, creating a solid database consisting of people who are genuinely interested in purchasing your goods and services requires patience and experience. Hence, when hiring a Virtual Business Manager (VBM) to help you increase your lead generation, it’s important to find a person. Someone with brilliant people skills and extensive internet research experience.


1. Common Business Lead Generation Tasks

Chances are, you utilise various methods for gathering business leads already. From online surveys and direct mail, website landing pages to cold calling most business use several techniques. Lead generation can easily be a full-time job in itself. Instead of trying to manage all of these tasks yourself, why not outsource to a VBM. They can not only to do most of the leg work for you, but also proactivity come up with suggestion to improve your lead generation activities.

An experienced VBM can:-

  • Manage your email lists,
  • Respond to comments and queries on your social media pages,
  • Create marketing materials and send them out, and
  • Contact prospective clients and customers directly by email or even phone. 

All with very little direction from yourself.

To make business lead generation even easier for your Virtual Business Manager, create a list of specific tasks with deadlines or timelines.

For example, you could ask them to:-

  • Dedicate three days per month to cold calling customers.
  • Monitor social media and other online content at the beginning of each day to ensure a quick response.
  • Send email correspondence once a week.

A VBM is a small business owner themselves. Hence, once you have created a well-defined lead generation schedule that works for your business. Your Virtual Business manager can maintain and grow positive relationships with new and existing clients/customers.


2. Research New Leads

What’s the point of having a hundred new leads if most of them don’t result in new business?

Before spending time and money connecting with potential clients and customers, ask your VBM to conduct online research to determine how interested they are in potentially purchasing goods and services.

Knowing more about a lead – such as the industry or company they work for, role within a company and known business associates can usually tell you if the lead is worth pursuing, or not.


3. Utilise a CRM To Capture Your Lean Generation Activities

To make regular contact with clients and customers as easy as possible, ask your VBM to set up and populate a CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management Tool) complete with full names, phone numbers, email addresses, business websites and even physical business addresses.

As additional leads come in, your VBM can simply update the CRM, so that you know exactly what leads you have in your pipeline. Your VBM will take ownership for cleansing  the information held on a regular basis to ensure the accuracy of information.


4. Create Marketing Materials

In addition to following up on leads that come from your website, social media pages or from face-to-face meetings and other interactions, and experienced VBM can help with:-

  • create marketing materials,
  • editing journal articles,
  • post blog entries, and
  • update webpages to generate interest in your business.

Depending on the specific skills and experience your Virtual Business Owner has, they may even be able to design webpages or graphics, create business apps and offer suggestions for other ways to generate leads.


5. Maintain Regular Contact with Your Leads

It’s important to maintain regular contact with viable leads so your business remains at the forefront of their thoughts whenever actively considering your area of expertise. A combination of email, phone and direct mail marketing on a quarterly basis is typically more than enough to keep new and existing clients and customers aware of your business. Creating a quarterly marketing and communication can be plan is part of the VBM’s remit, as well as tracking all lead generation activity so you can see what is, and isn’t working

For most online businesses though, a sequential “stacking” or “stacked” email loyalty campaign along with monthly newsletters and more random personal/promotional emails does the job of maintaining a close connection with your leads quite well too, and once again a VBM with the right skills can set this all up for you.


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Discover An Easy Way To Improve Your Social Media

Discover An Easy Way To Improve Your Social Media

Marketing has always been a time-consuming process. However the relatively new concept of social media marketing as escalated the time needed to focus of marketing activities. 

Most small business owners know that if they don’t engage in any form of marketing, they will likely to be left behind by competitors. It’s all very well claiming that you have a sufficient amount of business purely through “word-of-mouth”‘. However, as we move into a recession competition will be is fierce. Businesses will still have to invest in marketing, at the very least from a customer relationship point of view.


Why You Need Social Media Marketing?

There’s been a meteoric rise in the number of individuals and companies going online to interact. It’s now a way of life for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Whenever people are interacting, this is also an opportunity for the smart business marketer to engage. So, even though you may feel as if you’re lucky enough not to need to “push” for new business, you should still be interacting with your present customers online.


Where to Begin

To begin with, you need to determine your best course of action. You do not necessarily have to dive right in and sign up for every social media network or site under the sun. Some may simply not be appropriate for your demographic or customer base.

Nevertheless, it seems to be a good idea to have a Facebook presence no matter what kind of business you’re in these days. Facebook is still the dominant social media site; as such a high percentage of the population regularly visit the site (according to Statistic 1.69 Billion users in 2020). It’s a great platform to inform, educate and entertain your clients and prospects. Including the options to form groups or deliver live streams adding to the interactivity and engagement.

Professionally, LinkedIn is the dominant business-to-business network, and this is a site you should consider to help generate leads, useful business contacts and to find new members of staff.

While many don’t consider YouTube as a social media channel, it is the 2nd largest search engine (behind Google). When you create a YouTube channel, you have an excellent repository for all of those videos you should be creating, to help educate people in your niche and to effectively showcase the products and services that you have available.


The Importance Of A Blog In Social Media Marketing

Of course, the ideal mouthpiece for any business is the blog. It is a way of attracting visitors to your website, from where they can browse your services. Additionally, if SEO optimised blogs can help improve your website ranking in the all-important Google search. It’s relatively straightforward to set up a blog, especially if you use the dominant WordPress platform. However, if you commit to a blog you need to be sure that you are populating it regularly. Publishing a mixture of content is important. Include self-generated content, as well as content gathered from around the net, modified to promote your particular point of view.


How a Virtual Business Manager Can help

As a small business owner,  you have to ask yourself a very pointed question -How much of my time is this going to take?

The answer is quite a lot.

In addition to the amount of time you’ll be investing in setting up and configuring a presence on all of these sites, you may find that you are allocating valuable time daily maintaining your presence. It is for this reason you should put the entire series of social media projects in the hands of your virtual business manager. A Virtual Business Manager is an expert in the vagaries associated with each platform, who will allocate a specific schedule, based on your exact requirements, to interact with each one.


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Why You Have To Be On Social Media

Why You Have To Be On Social Media

Why You Have To Be On Social Media

Many small business owners understand that they should have a presence on social media, even if they don’t really understand why you have to be social.

The name itself could confuse them, or it could be they cannot see past the original purpose of social media. Questioning…..

  • How does “social media” have anything to do with the world of business?
  • Isn’t it something that people do in their spare time to keep in touch with their friends?

As a result, small business owners can completely overlook the potential advantages of social media. Especially the benefits in relation to 1) business growth, 2) audience building and 3) customer service.

Often the reason a small business doesn’t have a social presence is that the owners either

  • don’t know where to start,
  • don’t have the capacity or expertise among existing staff, or
  • feel that they do not have the time to take the job on themselves.

The Bottomline

However,  the bottom line is that social media has grown in importance significantly since the launch of Facebook and Twitter. Today, a huge portion of society has a presence on one or all of the platforms now available.

Due to the amount of time that people spend engaging with social media, the opportunity to “see and be seen” simply cannot be overlooked by the small business owner.

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help

This is where a virtual assistant trained on the various platforms can truly shine. They will understand how to carefully integrate the business’ message into social conversations. Doing this in a way that doesn’t alienate existing customers but creates awareness with potential new customers.

For example, many businesses use Twitter for customer service reasons. They understand that this particular social media platform is a continually developing and changing notice board. Somewhere customers go to quickly spread the word about their experience and relationship with the organisation.

A virtual assistant can set up and maintain a specific account. Providing advice or assistance to your clients should they have any questions or concerns. By doing this, in accordance with the business plan, other potential customers can see how your organisation handles its customer service. New customers see that the business cares about its interaction with customers. This ‘trust’ in the brand can tempt them to switch from their current provider

Social Media Grows Your Credibility

When the business maintains a presence online it seems more credible and relevant. When it contributes to a conversation with interesting and valuable information, this accelerates the level of trust in the business.

There’s a lot to be said for the phrase “out of sight and out of mind.” As people spend so much of their time in social media circles, if your business isn’t regularly in front of your customers, this can impact your whole marketing success.

The key to social media is consistency. However, social media campaigns must be ongoing and carefully planned from a strategic point of view. This is a perfect job to outsource rather than try to handle in-house. Social media platforms are constantly changing. Virtual Assistants are so engaged with these platforms they are best placed to keep up with these changes. A VA is able to make recommendations and implement updates for your organisation as necessary.

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