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 Do You Know About The B’s That Made My Business?

Not the furry bumble bee kind, but the business B’s that make me and Bravapro what it is.


And why would you. But what I’ve realised over the years is that our past, our experiences and our personal culture, shape who we’ve become. For me, I refer to this as my ‘five B’s’.


Blowing things up!

When I first left school, I joined a scientific apprenticeship. One of the tasks was known as the ‘mallet friction test’ which basically involved hitting explosives to see how they reacted. Clearly these tests required accuracy but also attention to detail, so what did I learn?

I learnt about data analysis; how to record results and how to analyse them. This is a cornerstone of Bravapro today.



My babies have always been my why, however as a single mum with three teenage boys and later a daughter, getting everyone out of the door and in the right place at the right time was not always easy. What did having my babies teach me?

Time management. I learned to prioritise, plan and budget. These are key skills that are very much at the core of Bravapro.



I have always used work to measure my self-worth. Though I am extremely proud of my children, I always viewed my role in bringing them up to be long term, whereas work, that could be a short-term measure of achievement. Throughout my career I have embraced roles in human resources, data analysis, customer service, account management (for a £3m portfolio) and have been a personal assistant.

The sheer variety means I now have a huge spectrum of transferable skills, all of which I can employ in Bravapro. Every client is different and being able to adjust to their needs is imperative.


Burn Out

As an account manager of a large portfolio, I was well paid and the role was considered prestigious – which it was, but over and above that it was extremely demanding. I was a single mum struggling with four children and the menopause and eventually it became too much. I had to leave.

This taught me how important it was to look after myself. I realised that if I didn’t take care of myself, my health, and my needs, then I could be of no use to anyone else, especially my children.

At Bravapro I work on looking after myself so that I can provide the very best to all my clients. Sometimes I’ve accepted I need to let go of the perfectionist and let others help me. This has proved to be one of the most valuable lessons in life and business.



Bravapro is my fifth baby and setting it up has been nerve wracking and exciting in equal proportions. The learning curve has been steep, but it has taught me so much – not least that if I want to really achieve, I need to step outside my comfort zone.

And that’s what my beautiful new baby is all about. Embracing change. Addressing difficult challenges. Moving outside my comfort zone. And ultimately….


…use the 5 business B’s to put one foot in front of the other, every single day.


A huge thank you to AnnMarie Wyncoll from Begin-a-book for helping me to tell my story